Part Time Sales Associate

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Part-Time Sales Associate:

As a part-time Sales Associate you build your schedule around your current job or career. Associates utilize their own warm markets and natural networking skills to build referrals and leads. As a part-time associate, you will also have access to our entire inventory of tools and our entire team of professionals to assist you at all times with training and building a business.

Our part time associates can earn an average of $4200 per month.


Part-Time Referral agents:

As a referral agent you will build leads from your own warm market and networking skills and allow your business partners at Heritage Fund follow up on the leads that you build. Paid commissions will split between referral agent and the servicing associate. Referral agents are able to work with a limited time to build current and residual income.

Our referral agents can earn an average of $2100 per month.

Note: Both positions may require Licensing with the state of California.


To Apply –

– Send Resume and Cover Letter to

– Any questions about the position can be directed to:

Kevin Benson, VP of Insurance Services


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